Patient Self-Scheduling

Control Your Schedule and Costs with Patient Self-Scheduling

Offering Self-Scheduling for some (or all) of your appointments saves time and money — and delights patients!

  • Reduce phone traffic by enabling your patients to book or re-schedule appointments online. Patients follow a simple, configurable, step-by-step workflow to schedule their appointments and receive timely confirmation.
  • Self-scheduling has been proven to reduce no-shows by as much as 50% because patients are more invested in appointments they schedule themselves.
  • Fill your doctors’ schedule by offering same-day appointments or group pre-booking of simple procedures like annual flu shots.
  • Attract new patients and differentiate yourself from other practices by offering self-scheduling right on your website.
  • Delight your patients by offering the anytime/anywhere convenience of being able to self-book appointments.  No more waiting for your office to open or for confirmation of an appointment request made in the patient portal.




Hill Country OB/GYN: "93 people used the tool in the first month alone, which is already saving us money."