Medfusion Plus- the Health Record App that Consolidate all Your Medical Data

Medfusion Plus allows users to consolidate health information records from each of their doctors, in one convenient place.

For Apple iOS and Android phones, no other health record app can do it all. Rather than signing in to multiple patient portals every time they want to refer to their medical records, users simply create one account in the app, connect to each practice once, and then the app automatically pulls all:

  • Appointments
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab results
  • And much more!

The app then keeps everything up-to-date, automatically, in one organized view!

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Download Medfusion Plus for Apple or Android devices, find and connect to your providers once—and we do the rest.


Medfusion Plus app with healthcare data sharing

Caregivers can also add profiles for other members of their family—enabling access to all your family’s medical information in the palm of your hand.

Patients can share some, or all, their information with doctors or family via email or a physician’s direct address. And it’s easy to print an entire health record, or just one part, from the app.

Coming Soon: Medfusion Plus Web for non-Mobile users

Medfusion Plus Web offers the same ability to consolidate all health information into one place, and offers easy ways to view information by source, date or profile for users on a traditional computer desktop. It will also offer great ways to view healthcare trends.

health record app medfusion plus

As a busy mom of three, I really like getting all the kids’ health information in one place.

I loaded it last night and was grateful to have it this morning! Went to a new doctor and handily had all my meds, vitals, even pulled up test results. The new doc was totally impressed!

This is going to change healthcare.

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Medfusion can help you engage patients on an ongoing basis, and boost practice efficiencies and financial performance.

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