Medfusion Pay

Medfusion Pay – Patient-friendly ways to increase revenue.

Offer your patients many convenient ways to self-pay online, with or without a Medfusion Portal.

Medfusion Pay offers many easy ways for your patients to pay copays and balances online or in your office. And our Pay Dashboard consolidates all those payments into one, easy-to-use reporting tool. Combine Medfusion Pay with your patient portal functionality, or use it as a standalone payment solution. Either way, Medfusion Pay makes it fast and convenient for your patients to make payments with features like:

      • Pay Dashboard – The Medfusion Pay Dashboard offers one-click access to  daily, monthly, funding and credit card fee reports, as well as a payment acceptance tab.
      • Card Solutions – Our USB card swiper for point of sale, and virtual card swiper for phone payments, ensure simple and secure payment acceptance.
      • PayHere Guest Pay Solution – Add a button to your website to allow anyone pay patient balances without signing in to the portal.

With the addition of our Patient Portal, you can add features like:

      • Online Bill Pay – Electronic payment from the patient portal
      • Payment Plans – Using card on file, for patients that need more time to pay balances
      • eStatements & Printed Statements – A better-together solution that drives down billing costs
      • Pre Check – From an appointment reminder, patients can verify demographics and insurance—and pay copays and bills up to 7 days before their appointment.

Medfusion Pay Customer Documents:

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Medfusion Pricing Schedule
Medfusion Merchant Agreement (MMA)