Understand and act on your patients’ satisfaction with Medfusion Measure

Automatically trigger patient satisfaction surveys at checkout via text or email, without changing your workflow a single click!

You can’t solve a problem you don’t know about. And your online reputation is more important that ever.

Medfusion Measure is a bundle of easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy patient satisfaction surveys that delivers:

  • The ability to retain current patients and cultivate them as referral sources.
  • The opportunity to address issues – and BEFORE they hit social media hurting your practice’s reputation.
  • A way to find inefficiencies and improve overall practice function.

If you don’t ask, it can’t be measured. If you don’t measure it, you can’t respond. If you don’t respond, you can’t manage it. 

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“60% of dissatisfied patients will not return to the practice.”

White House Office of Consumer Affairs


“94% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians.”

Software Advice, 2019

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