Medfusion Health APIs- A Patient-Centered Approach to Accessing Health Records

Our medical record retrieval and EHR integration APIs give developers and partners the tools to integrate with 40 EMRs/EHRs. Our approach leverages a patient’s portal connections to their physicians. And once that is established, our APIs import medical data, making it accessible in minutes.

Medfusion EHR Integration APIs allows access data in minutes, not weeks or months.

Our APIs offer a true interoperability breakthrough for organizations that require access to patient medical records or healthcare data. Medical record data can be collected, consolidated and securely delivered as structured data in minutes.

For insurance companies or similar businesses that rely on comprehensive medical record collection for customer assessment, Medfusion APIs can be integrated right into existing software applications. This enables you to connect to healthcare information for immediate collection, via the patient.

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EMR integration APIs

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Medfusion APIs provide access to patient records in a clean, discrete format.

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