Increase Practice Revenue & Accelerate Growth.

Automated Solutions to Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue.

  • Reallocate staff to more critical functions by automating the patient intake process and eliminating manual data entry
  • Streamline, and accelerate, your collections process with easy ways for patients to pay online, in-person or over the phone. All patient payments flow into a consolidated Reporting Dashboard. The Dashboard makes it fast and easy for staff to do reconciliation and reporting.
  • Dramatically reduce phone traffic—while attracting new patients—by enabling patients to schedule even 20% of routine appointment types

Without A Portal

With A Portal

Patients [who visit practices] with a portal are 13 times more likely to schedule a return visit.

Becker’s Hospital Review, “Patient Portal adoption increases collections, patient engagement: 3 things you need to know”

Increase practice revenue with Medfusion

Increase Patient Retention by Proving You’re the Best Healthcare Provider.

Healthcare IT doesn’t always have to be complicated. Simply put, Medfusion allows you to provide a variety of solutions to make your patients’ life easier—while reducing the workload on your staff. Whether patients are looking to ask a question, schedule an appointment, or view a complete picture of their healthcare- we’ve got you covered:

  • Our mobile-optimized patient portal offers the convenience patients prefer with 24/7 access to their medical information.
  • Patient Self-Scheduling can be a huge driver of new patients and reduced no-shows. A recent Healthgrades study revealed that “66% of patients would trade the convenience of having a doctor nearby for the convenience of online scheduling.”
  • Patients can view all their healthcare data, regardless of EMR, through the free Medfusion Plus And they can now enjoy a seamless sign-on to Medfusion portals from within the app. It’s like having a mobile patient engagement app for your practice! Promote this to patients to show you care about their entire healthcare experience.

Need a partner to help navigate the future of healthcare?

Medfusion can help you engage patients on an ongoing basis, and boost practice efficiencies and financial performance.

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Acquire New Patients with Easy to Use Solutions.

New patients are the lifeblood of a growing practice. Your technology is only as good as the patients using it and you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Medfusion offers many one-click services that patients can access right from your website. This kind of convenience will set a practice far ahead of your competition while increasing efficiency.

  • Automated Messaging allows staff to easily send communications to patients. Our workflows make sure inbound patient communications are routed to the correct staff member—no general inbox that everyone has to work from.
  • Patient Self-Scheduling attracts patients to book their first appointment right from your website. What is ONE new patient worth to you?
  • Make sure patients can pay a bill right from your website with the Medfusion PayHere guest pay Offering convenient payment options ensures you get paid on time!

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