Patient Engagement Requires Both Convenience and Reasons to Engage.

With patients now acting like consumers, innovative patient engagement solutions are more important than ever. Patients expect to interact with your office and access their health data 24/7. In this competitive market, practices are going beyond a standard portal to offer convenient online solutions for patients complete routine tasks on-the go or from the comfort of their own home. With Medfusion patients can:

KSF Orthopaedic achieved a 30% reduction in call volume in the first year with the Medfusion Portal.

– Kevin Harris, KSF Orthopaedic

Engaged Patients Mean More Practice Revenue

All these patient benefits offload work the practice staff would otherwise have to handle. It’s a win-win for practices and patients! Patients enjoy having control over their healthcare which leads to higher satisfaction and loyalty. Your staff can focus on patient care instead of all the front office and back office non-value-add functions, leading to greater efficiency at your practice.


77% of patients think that the ability to book, change or cancel appointments online is important.

Accenture survey, 2015

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Medfusion can help you engage patients on an ongoing basis, and boost practice efficiencies and financial performance.

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