Solutions that Drive Patient Data Access.

Medfusion’s Health IT Platform offers easy patient data access through APIs that enable connections with a patient’s portal account. Our APIs consolidate and deliver all medical record data, regardless of EHR, as a structured, standardized file.

Enterprise clients can pull this medical record information directly to their software or systems using Medfusion’s APIs and connection software. For an industry like life insurance, this means retrieving records in a fraction of the time and cost of current methods.

Patient Data Access and Medical Record Retrieval

Medical Record Retrieval in Minutes, Regardless of EHR

Medfusion integrates with 40 EHRs, labs and pharmacies that cover more than 80% of EHRs and Portals used by U.S. practices. Most patients that have access to their electronic medical records can retrieve health data from their different providers. The health data can be consolidated and viewed within your workflow, app or branded experience.


80% of U.S. patients that have access to their electronic medical records are covered by Medfusion APIs.

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Medfusion APIs provide access to patient records in a clean, discrete format.

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Medfusion’s Nationwide Provider Directory

Medfusion has developed a national directory that has mapped hundreds of thousands of providers, facilities and organizations to the EMR/Portal they use, enabling access to patient medical record data across the country.

Medfusion’s solutions are HIPPAA compliant and offer secure ways to access patient data.

For consumers these APIs are used in an application called Medfusion Plus – a mobile app that gathers users’ and their family’s healthcare information, from all doctors, and organizes it in one convenient place.

For companies who need access to a structured view of an individual’s healthcare data, Medfusion APIs are technology breakthrough that cuts the time to retrieve and organize medical records from weeks to minutes.

Medfusion Plus

Try the Medfusion Plus app to see our APIs in action.

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