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Your technology is only as good as the patients using it, yet practices often struggle with patient technology adoption. And a portal that’s popular with patients is a huge productivity boost for busy office staff. Incoming requests flow seamlessly into discrete queues, phone volume drops as patients self-serve, and more!

But busy practices don’t always have the time or money to create promotional materials, communications or videos to help drive patient adoption. That’s why Medfusion has created patient-facing marketing materials and support to increase patient portal adoption.

Other Portal User Adoption Rate

Medfusion Portal User Adoption Rate

Medfusion users see nearly double the adoption rate of other portals

KLAS 2015 Patient Portal report

We’ve pre-designed customizable materials, which can be printed using deep discounts and delivered to your door. And we offer high-definition videos (with or without sound) that can be added to your waiting room monitors to remind patients about your convenient solutions!

A sample of a patient portal video that you can use on your website or in your office

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Medfusion can help you engage patients on an ongoing basis, and boost practice efficiencies and financial performance.

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