Retrieve Patient Medical Records with Medical Data APIs.

Medfusion APIs give developers and vendors tools to easily integrate with healthcare infrastructure & access patient data. Whether you’re looking to power your wellness app or verify insurance eligibility, we’ve got you covered.

Our platform allows you to securely gather and organize medical record data across multiple providers and EMR systems. We take a patient-centered approach to accessing this data. End users connect to their patient portal and our APIs import the data.

At a fraction of the time and cost of traditional record retrieval, Medfusion APIs securely deliver structured data directly to your software or system. Data retrieval goes from months or weeks to minutes or seconds—the speed of business.

These are the same APIs that power the Medfusion Plus consumer app, currently available to health systems and enterprises.

Medfusion EMR Integrated Solutions Retrieve and Consolidate Medical Records in Minutes.

Patient Data Access and Medical Record Retrieval

Imagine being able to qualify an insurance applicant in minutes. What kind of competitive edge would that give your business? Better yet— at less than 15% of the cost!

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Power your app with clean and codified healthcare data that you can access in an easy-to-use format.

Insurance Carriers

Easily retrieve medical records for health, life and auto insurance quotes.

Legal Services

Quickly obtain medical records related to legal cases with our HIPAA-compliant services. You can access & authorize user healthcare accounts with ease.

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Medfusion can help you engage patients on an ongoing basis, and boost practice efficiencies and financial performance.

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