Streamline Workflows to Access Patient & Portal Data with Ease.

The Medfusion Patient Experience platform offers numerous APIs that enable third parties to leverage our best-in-class solutions and/or clinical and back-office data APIs. Whether you’re looking to integrate Medfusion’s products and services with your existing software, or stand up an entire healthcare solution, we are here to help.

A partial list of Medfusion APIs:

  1. Patient Medical Record Data Retrieval APIs – Access patient data through our integration with 40 EMRs. We leverage a patient’s portal connection to their physicians and import their medical data such as:
    1. Medications
    2. Allergies & Immunizations
    3. Lab Results & Procedures
    4. CCDs, CCDAs, & PDF Files
    5. Appointments
  2. Medfusion Portal APIs – Use our portal to easily integrate EHRs/PMs with Medfusion to access data such as:
    1. Administrative Messages
    2. Appointment Requests
    3. Appointment Display
    4. CCDs
    5. Events
    6. Patient data
    7. Payment Acceptance/Processing
    8. Prescriptions

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Our Developer resources provide the documentation and environment to use our APIs and get the support you need.

Medical record retrieval APIs

access patient data with medical record retrieval APIs

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Patient communication, payment, EHR/PM or MU APIs

access patient data with Portal APIs

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