Erin R. Newton
Dodge Communications

CARY, N.C. — November 20, 2014 — Medfusion, a leading provider of patient portal software, announced today the addition of its 10 millionth patient to the Medfusion patient portal. In just the last two years, an additional three million new patients have joined the Medfusion network.

The patient portal allows healthcare consumers to communicate with their doctors and engage in their own healthcare via a secure platform. Recent electronic health record (EHR) integrations, such as the most recent to NextGen Ambulatory PM/EHR, enable practices to seamlessly integrate patient records with the portal.

“This milestone of 10 million patients, accompanied by recent launches of EHR integrations and partnerships, validates that our growth is a direct result of our continued investment and dedication to our customers,” said Steve Malik, CEO and chairman of Medfusion. “In our company’s 14-year history, we have proven our ability to not only effectively engage patients with their providers, but also empower patients to continuously manage their own healthcare.”

The Medfusion patient portal serves as a platform for patient engagement efforts for organizations of all sizes-including physician practices and hospitals. Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU2) presents requirements for providers to engage their patients, giving them more access to their own health data.

“Healthcare is rapidly moving toward an era of increased data liquidity where consumers will expect their healthcare data to be available whenever they want it, wherever they want it and in a format that is meaningful to them,” said Vern Davenport, president and equity partner of Medfusion. “We are committed to offering our customers an advanced platform to assist them in this shift – while ensuring the practice doesn’t sacrifice operational efficiency, bottom line results or, most importantly, impact to the level of service it provides its patients.”

To support customers’ patient engagement strategies, Medfusion has also invested in consultative and professional services. Offerings include real-time, technical patient support; Practice Intelligence through call volume analytics; and assessment and recommendations for patient engagement strategies. By offering these services in addition to the portal’s existing capabilities, Medfusion is optimizing its customers’ practice efficiency to improve their bottom lines, as well as provide the best service to their patients.