Erin R. Newton
Dodge Communications

CARY, N.C. — January 7, 2015 — Medfusion, a leading provider of patient portal software, announced today the launch of Practice Intelligence, a service that helps practices gain a clear view of all their patient communications traffic. By being able to see a complete data picture of all communications-both structured phone traffic data and unstructured patient text notes-practices can pinpoint workflow and policy inefficiencies to make changes that reduce bottlenecks, streamline workflows and save money.

“When a practice can see exactly how many calls and messages it receives from patients, and for what reasons, the practice can leverage this information to truly impact its efficiency and bottom line,” said Vern Davenport, CEO of Medfusion. “Giving our clients an analytics tool that works with the data they have, regardless of whether it’s structured or unstructured, provides the information they need to make changes to better meet their needs and drive down overhead costs.”

After a practice delineates its goals and challenges, Practice Intelligence gathers data and focuses its proprietary analysis tools on uncovering actionable insights. By using natural language processing software and deep data analysis, the Practice Intelligence team is able to categorize and precisely measure communications data by type, provider and health condition. Clear visualizations of the data give the practice and service team the information they need to create a specific plan of action. Then, monthly data monitoring tracks the quantitative impact of changes that were made in the practice.

Raleigh Neurology Associates, a 26-physician practice that was once receiving more than 1,200 patient calls per day, leverages Medfusion’s Practice Intelligence solution to reduce call volume, decrease costs and increase patient satisfaction. Over the six months that Raleigh Neurology has been working with Practice Intelligence, the practice has implemented changes that reduced total call volume by 12 percent.

“Medfusion’s Practice Intelligence service gave me the data and insight to clearly identify problem areas, as well as the confidence to implement changes to our policies and workflows that specifically addressed those problems,” said Cindy Nyberg, CFO of Raleigh Neurology. “Getting our staff off the phones and back providing the level of healthcare Raleigh Neurology prides itself on was a huge goal, but the cost savings to the practice didn’t hurt either.”