Medfusion APIs enable patient-centered data to be used in a wide variety of applications. 

The key is Medfusion’s Patient Experience platform, built from the ground up to connect with everyone. Patient data previously siloed in individual EHRs is now accessible as never before.  Our interoperable technology leverages a patient’s portal connections to his or her healthcare providers. Once that is established, our APIs import medical data, making it accessible in minutes.  

Simply put, Medfusion APIs are the standards-compliant foundation for high-value, patient-driven health data access.

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Medfusion APIs cover >80% of the healthcare systems in the US and 40 EHRs. No one else can claim that.

  • Insurance/underwriting
  • Clinical trials/CROs
  • Enterprise
  • Developers
  • Wellness

Saving the Insurance Industry Major Time and Money is Our Policy.

Health information retrieval required for prudent underwriting is slow and laborious, and therefore, administratively costly. Medfusion APIs are dramatically shortening the time frame and reducing the cost to access patient health data. For example, savvy underwriters that integrate our APIs into their online application process are greatly speeding up the ability to offer coverage, and in doing so, win more business. Streamline workflow, cut costs, and grow sales with Medfusion health data APIs.

Patient Data Access and Medical Record Retrieval

Put Medfusion Patient Experience APIs To the Test. The Outcome is Rewarding.

The lifeblood of medical research is clinical data; EMR obtained at the point of care at a medical facility, hospital, clinic or practice. Data collected includes administrative and demographic information, diagnosis, treatment, prescription drugs, laboratory tests, physiologic monitoring data, hospitalization, patient insurance, and more. 

The problem: patient-identified EMR data typically is not available to outside researchers.  Any large public database requires patients to authorize sharing of their records. 

The solution: Medfusion data access APIs cover 8 out of 10 US healthcare providers and over 50 EHRs, representing the largest repository of identified and authorized data available. Finally, finding ready-made data for clinical trial is no longer trying.

Medfusion Data Access APIs Are Just What The Doctor Ordered for America’s Health Systems.

With the increasing emphasis on consumerism an undeniable tenet of American healthcare, patients have new expectations. They want their healthcare providers to engage them across multiple platforms. That includes having their health data seamlessly populate across those platforms. With Medfusion APIs, your enterprise can enable your patients to digitally share their health records with you, within your own workflows. By helping them take ownership of their own health, you are gaining their loyalty. For any enterprising health system, white-labeling our data aggregation technology is a smart move.

Take Medfusion’s APIs for a Spin and See What Develops.

Medfusion offers APIs that specifically enable developers across a range of industries to tap into medical record data retrieval and Medfusion Portal technology. These APIs streamline the process of integrating Medfusion’s products and services. Our APIs are well developed and easy to build against.  Additionally, we stand ready to provide the documentation and support you need to keep your project on time and on target.

This is like linking my financial accounts on that’s what I was looking for!

-COO, Healthcare Startup

Medfusion APIs Can Give Wellness Companies a Healthy Dose of Smart Technology.

As the notion of preventive wellness continues to take hold, more and more entrepreneurs are seeking innovative ways to feed this growing appetite. Chief among the strategies for doing so is to tap into today’s ever-present mobile platform as a means of preventing rather than treating or curing. Today, wellness companies are laser-focused on engaging patients in their own health maintenance, and personal health records are seen as a fundamental tool for engaging and motivating patients and helping them understand where they stand over time. Our health data access APIs enable any wellness company to integrate the same technology into new or existing platforms.

This gives us the data we need via our users – perfect product use case.

-CTO, Employee Wellness Company

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Medfusion APIs provide access to patient records in a clean, discrete format.

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