Looking for a login to your doctor’s portal?

Please contact your practice directly with any questions about your patient portal. Simply search the internet for your practice’s name and the word portal. For example, Triangle Healthcare portal.

Looking for your doctor’s Medfusion bill pay?

Your physician may use Medfusion bill pay to provide a convenient, online way to pay your bill. You should search the internet for the practice name where you want to pay your bill and pay directly through their website.

Looking to put all your healthcare data in a single app?

Download Medfusion Plus for Apple or Android devices, find and connect to your providers once—and we do the rest. Most doctors offer a “patient portal” where you can see lab results, make appointments and send messages to your physicians. If you don’t know the portal login for your provider, you’ll want to call their office to get that information so you can enter it into the app during set-up.

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