At Medfusion, we’ve always believed that the solution to healthcare interoperability is the patient. By putting the patient in the center, patients are empowered to take control of their health and healthcare providers avoid the challenge of system-by-system integration.  More and more interoperability conversations are heading this way and we couldn’t be happier.

We’ve turned this mindset into our Patient Experience Platform. Building on nearly 2 decades of patient-provider experience—we are extending that reach to patient-centric health data retrieval.

We work with companies across the spectrum of healthcare—from concierge medicine and wellness to academic medical centers and beyond. Our goal is simple: dramatically improve their workflows with an “Import my Medical Records” button. Processes that took weeks or months are now done in minutes. And it’s all patient-driven.

We also work with healthcare innovators like MDVIP—a national leader in affordable personalized healthcare. MDVIP Connect is an app that puts the patient in the driver’s seat—but also allows providers to benefit from improved clinical workflows.

Do you have a workflow that requires healthcare data integration? Let’s talk. We will be at the Next Generation Patient Experience (NGPX) conference later this month. Nothing like a room full of like-minded patient experience innovators to really get us excited.