In the midst of the current global pandemic, it’s more important than ever for providers to keep connected to their patient population. Telehealth—a breakthrough that advances convenient access, efficiency, and satisfaction across the entire care continuum, is bridging the gap between people, physicians and health systems. In the last 30 days the adoption of telehealth has shifted into hyper-drive as providers rush to implement telehealth solutions to keep themselves and their patients safe. Forester Research estimates that virtual healthcare interactions are on pace to exceed 1 billion by the end of 2020.

There is a clear need for telehealth!

Providers can screen symptomatic patients, while practicing social distancing, in order to help reduce the spread of the virus to mass populations and the medical staff on the frontlines. Providers can also give virtual, routine care to patients with chronic diseases who are at higher risk if exposed to the virus. Another increasing use of telehealth is in Behavioral Health. Patients in mental health crises could increase due to isolation, job loss and addiction, among other factors. So being able to see their mental health provider during these uncertain times is even more crucial.

What is the New Normal?

The current crisis is causing a dramatic, global paradigm shift in healthcare which will likely, permanently change how healthcare is delivered. Before the current crisis, 49% of healthcare consumers wanted providers who offered video visits. This number is expected to dramatically increase— it already has! Moving forward, healthcare consumers will expect their provider to offer video visits. Telehealth is changing the current paradigm of care; it allows for improved access and improved health outcomes in cost effective ways. Some good news during these uncertain times.

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