“Phone, wallet, keys.” “Phone, wallet, keys.” Most people’s ritual before leaving for work in the morning or before heading out the door to run errands, is some variation of, “phone, wallet, keys.” Since becoming a first-time mom, my ritual has become “phone, wallet, keys, diapers, bottles, wipes, pacifier, toy, extra onesie, laptop, lunch, and Advil.” We are all busy. We have all become professional multi-taskers, as we try to juggle our home and social lives with our work life. The new normal is that we juggle these home and work tasks on-the-go, whenever and wherever we are. Our phones have become the go-to technology to create efficiencies in our lives. After all, almost 80% of American adults own a smartphone.

Your patients are looking for the same efficiencies in working with their healthcare provider, as they are in dealing with their work/home life. Healthcare providers need to connect to consumers where they are in order to help build a relationship. Not only do consumers want or expect to engage via their smart phone devices and apps, but they also want the unique features technology offers, which can be optimized to deliver personalized and contextual experiences.

Where is the best place to start?

The best place to start is at the beginning, of course! Save your patients time scheduling appointments with patient self-scheduling. It takes an average of 8 minutes to schedule an appointment over the phone, and 8 minutes for your employee. That’s 8 minutes your patients and staff can’t get back. How many 8-minute calls are made to your practice in a day? How many calls are missed because your patients want to book an appointment after hours? With online patient self-scheduling, it takes less than two minutes for the patient to book an appointment! Now you’ve freed up your staff to do other key tasks, while making scheduling convenient for your patients to use anytime

The sky is the limit!

Don’t limit your patients! Don’t limit your practice! With 24/7 scheduling, your patients can book after normal hours of operation and your practice won’t miss out on those bookings. 40% of appointments are now made after hours of operation – that’s nearly half of all your appointments!

Also, by allowing patients to view which appointments are available, such as same-day or next available, your schedules are kept full and your patients are kept happy because they can be seen sooner than anticipated. Your patients will appreciate the transparency.

Need a flu shot? No problem?!

Anderson Hills, a 13-physician pediatric center in Cincinnati, recognizes the value of Patient Self-Scheduling. In one instance, they utilized our Patient Self-Scheduling solution to allow their patients to schedule flu shots. Within the first 24 hours of having the solution turned on, over 108 flu clinic appointments where scheduled online – saving the staff time to focus their attention on their patients – as it should be!

Medfusion’s Patient Self-Scheduling solution has helped multiple practices save time and money.  With a highly customizable, extremely secure, and exceptionally comprehensive solution – your schedule can be automated, with complex scheduling rules that cater to your practice’s needs.

Don’t wait!

In a world where we use apps to deliver pet supplies to our front door, or book hair appointments online – why not utilize a time and money saving solution like patient self-scheduling? With an estimated 986 million appointments expected to be scheduled online by the end of 2019, the time is now to offer it to your patients. Your practice and your patients will thank you.  

Before you walk out the door, and check to make sure you have your phone, wallet, and keys – take 20 seconds to fill out this form to receive a complimentary demonstration from one of our Patient Self-Scheduling experts to see how this solution is a perfect fit for your office.