With HIMSS 2018 in the rearview mirror (and everyone nursing their sore feet), what was the real impact on Health IT and patients? Based on our conversations, Value-Based Care has come far enough that many organizations are now at the point where VBC, patient experience and software now intersect. We couldn’t agree more, and we’re excited to see the interest in Patient Experience platforms.

Patient Experience Platform value based care Medfusion

Patient engagement pivots to patient experience

Do you remember 2013 HIMSS? The hot phrase was patient engagement—and HIMSS even wrote a book about it. This proves that patient engagement is *so* 5 years ago—now it’s broadened to encompass online, offline, in-office and on-demand patient touchpoints. Thus patient engagement has morphed into a holistic patient experience.

So it’s more critical than ever for your software investments to be a powerful, flexible platform to build on. Not only something that drives patients to access their data to improve their health and care. But also something that streamlines staff workflows and makes everything from routing Rx refill requests to deploying patient surveys as simple and automated as possible. What’s the answer? A patient experience platform.

FHIR Standards-Based APIs

What else did we see and hear at HIMSS18? Real strides in interoperability across the industry—based primarily on standards-based and proprietary access APIs. We were excited to see so many developer programs mature from years past. But, a big hats off goes to Apple whose integration of Health Records into Apple Health gave standards the push needed to make a big impact in API access and availability.

At Medfusion we always favor standards-based APIs and FHIR has proven to be a well-designed and robust foundation. In fact, our Patient Experience Platform is backed by some of those same FHIR-based APIs. Which is also why the Medfusion Patient Experience Platform is a great choice for partners such as Dr. Footprint and Blue Laurel—and many more.

Patients at the Center – with their own Health Data

Because Medfusion puts patients at the center of healthcare IT solutions—we fully support interoperability and patient data access programs (like the Blue Button initiative and are members of the CARIN Alliance). We believe when patients own their data, they can play a bigger part in their care and change the dynamic of the patient-provider relationship. Our approach is also important for those other times in life where having your data helps with going to a new provider, applying for life insurance, joining a research trial or just using your favorite healthcare-related app.


So, we’ll see you next year HIMSS. Between now and then, Medfusion will connect hundreds of thousands of patients to their healthcare data—and we’ll empower providers and care teams to deliver an even more seamless patient experience.