Medfusion has joined the National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) to further drive adoption of medical record sharing technologies and standards. NATE is a not-for-profit membership association focusing on enabling the trusted exchange of health information. And their goal is increasing technology adoption and improving patient outcomes.

They call him Captain Blue Button—Empowering consumers by enabling choice and health data access

When talking to Aaron Seib, the CEO of NATE, it’s clear why he’s often called ‘Captain Blue Button’—his passion for health data sharing is palpable. “We believe it’s really important for consumers to have access to their information and to become more active participants in their care,” said Seib. He believes passionately that consumers should want, ask for and even demand access to their health data in secure, digital formats.

Seib said, “I’ve been really impressed with how Medfusion addresses healthcare interoperability by putting the patient in the center. With an elegant app, consumers can get a cross-provider view of their health data and share that data to help improve their care. I look forward to working with Medfusion and the other members of NATE to push data securely into the hands of patients everywhere.”

Awe, shucks Aaron. We’re pretty excited to work with you too!

Health Data Access should be mobile-first

NATE, Seib and Medfusion all agree on the importance of mobile solutions for health data access.

Medfusion developed the free Medfusion Plus mobile app, built on the APIs of the Medfusion Patient Experience Platform. This app has been a technological forerunner in breaking down interoperability silos between EMRs. It gives patients a total view to their health records across providers and facilities—and the ability to securely share that data with providers or trusted representatives. Right from the palm of their hand.