No doubt that when HIMSS kicks off next week that the words interoperability, patient engagement and patient experience will be on everyone’s booths, lips and twitter feeds.

But at Medfusion, for nearly twenty years we’ve been putting the patient in the center of health IT. And it’s something we continue to do every day. It’s not a slogan on a HIMSS kiosk. It’s the way we have systematically built our patient experience platform to be the most comprehensive and extensible solution in the market.


The Patient Experience Platform built to connect with everyone

Patient data traditionally siloed in the industry’s largest EMRs and Practice Management systems flows seamlessly through Medfusion solutions.

For patients, this empowers them with a complete view of their healthcare—and they can interact with practices 24/7 through solutions like patient self-scheduling and online bill payments. They can share data with caregivers and providers. They can take control of their healthcare and healthcare experience.

For partners, it means simple, standards-based APIs with a clean UX and nationwide footprint.

New capabilities on the Medfusion Patient Experience Platform include:

  • billing aggregation across multiple practice management platforms,
  • appointment-specific notes,
  • cross platform appointment reminders, and
  • enhanced clinical data aggregation and sharing.

These modules are built to facilitate clear patient-provider communication and to further convenient patient access to health data.

The Patient Experience Platform with an unwavering commitment to standards-based interoperability

Built on REST APIs and with FHIR resources, the Platform extends to allow Patient-centered Interoperability that expand across the patient experience. Secure health records data storage and transmission across disparate EMR systems and Portals. Medfusion APIs are the developer-friendly, standards-compliant foundation for patient-driven health records access.

So what will HIMSS 2018 hold?

Hopefully, a focus on the patient experience. Not just as a hollow tagline, but as vendors and healthcare systems working across data silos to make information flow quickly, readily and securely.

The only way to achieve value-based care is through true patient engagement. Patient engagement stems from the total patient experience—from making an appointment to paying a bill, and everything in between. This drives down costs and improves provider revenue streams.

Want to talk about your patient experience or the Medfusion patient experience platform? Come see us at HIMSS in Meeting Place 29 (MP29) or drop us a line at


Update 3/7/2018: Read the press release about how Dr. Footprint and Blue Laurel are leveraging the Medfusion Patient Experience Platform.