MDVIP, the national leader in affordable personalized healthcare, has done a nationwide rollout of their flagship MDVIP Connect app to deliver a secure patient experience and strengthen the provide-patient relationship. The goal is to empower MDVIP patients to be more involved in—and in control of—their health and wellness.

The app is built on Medfusion’s robust health data APIs, allowing patients and providers to:

  • Send and receive secure messages—including images and videos
  • Make membership payments
  • Manage communications preference and request MDVIP support
  • Enable patients to see longitudinal health records, appointment information and lab results.

Medfusion APIs enable apps and workflows across a wide range of industries and applications. By enabling patient-initiated health data aggregation, previously manual process can now take moments instead of months. For companies like MDVIP, it enables a care continuum that puts the patient in the center.

The solution delivers simplified workflows for clinicians and easy communication tools for patients and providers. Just as powerful is the ability to extract information from a patient’s multitude of portals—and placing all that information in an easy-to-understand format with a simple click.

“I have had experience with many health apps over the past years. None have worked better and been more complete than the MDVIP Connect app,” said Dr. Joseph Nutz, an MDVIP-affiliated physician from North Carolina. “In today’s healthcare system patients are overwhelmed with various portals, each with different requirements for usernames and passwords. This app has the ability to gather all the information from MDVIP along with information from my practice management portal and that of any other specialist that the patient is seeing. The ability to extract information from multiple patient portals and place all that information in the hands of the patient with one simple click is why MDVIP continues to set the bar high for patient care.”

This type of patient-initiated clinical data aggregation can be valuable in a wide variety of settings outside of direct patient care—such as clinical trials, insurance underwriting, app development and more.

Learn more about how Medfusion drives Patient Data Access within your workflows or app here.