Today, LunaDNA™, the first community-owned genomic and health data platform—announced that patients can now pull in medical data from their healthcare providers by leveraging Medfusion Patient Data APIs. This is a huge step for patient-centered health data exchange!


LunaDNA redefined patient-centered health data sharing when it was granted precendent setting qualification from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as the only company able to grant members ownership shares in the company in exchange for their de-identified data. Holders of shares are able to increase their holdings by contributing more data—and the larger community-wide database becomes more valuable over time as research advances and medical discoveries are accelerated.


By partnering with Medfusion, LunaDNA enables patients to connect to, and share, their Electronic Medical Records with well-vetted researchers, academic institutions, not-for-profits and pharmaceutical companies. LunaDNA members are always in control of their data and can delete any portion, or their entire record at any time.


LunaDNA and Medfusion share the core believe that patient-centered data interoperability is key to tearing down data silos between providers, patients and researchers. And with the broadest network of Health Data APIs—Medfusion enable patients to connect with their data from more than 83% providers across the U.S.


To say we are excited about this partnership is an understatement. By empowering patients to access and share their medical records—across providers and EHR systems—we hope to see accelerated medical discoveries and innovations and more engaged patients. This is how we fulfill the promise of Electronic Health Records!


To learn more about LunaDNA, or to become a shareholder by sharing your medical records, DNA test results or personal health surveys, visit To find out more about Medfusion Patient Data APIs, check out our webpage.