Increase patient portal use with these easy tips

Engaging patients is critical to the success of your practice, so here are five tips to increase patient portal use. Medfusion clients already know how easy it is for patients to sign up for our portal once the link is up on your site. Unlike other portals, there is no token necessary to activate patients.

Industry leader Elizabeth Woodcock has outlined key Portal Adoption Strategies that Work to help our clients increase patient portal use and get more patients on their portal.

5 Tips to Increase Patient Portal Use


1. Use your office staff as brand ambassadors to increase patient portal use

a.  Add ‘Ask me about the portal’ ribbons on their name tags
b.  Get staff excited using internal contests to promote getting patients to sign up and find fun incentives to motivate the team

2. Use the email templates Medfusion has created for you to invite your patients to the portal

a.  Highlight the 24 hour access and ease of use.

3.  Promote the portal with materials that Medfusion sends in your welcome packet

a.  Materials include posters, table tents, appointment cards and more!
b.  Put these marketing items in your waiting room & exam rooms.
c.  You can customize this literature with your practice name in our print shop

4. Stream our videos in your waiting room

a.  Promote the virtues of how much time patients can save by signing up for the portal

5. Highlight your portal benefits through other channels where you have your patients’ attention:

a.  On-Hold Messages
b.  Receptionist Phone Scripts
c.  Voicemails

Patients are increasingly shopping around for the best healthcare provider for their money. That makes it more important than ever for your practice to establish yourselves as a brand and resource they can trust for their healthcare. For more tips on how to increase patient portal use check out: Marketing Your Patient Portal– an informative webinar hosted by Medfusion’s marketing team & our printing partner.

Get patient marketing materials in our print shop