The CARIN Alliance, a multi-sector group of healthcare and other stakeholders, has released the CARIN code of conduct for how entities not covered by HIPAA, such as 3rd party applications using healthcare APIs, can voluntarily handle healthcare data on behalf of patients and consumers.

The code of conduct is based on the central concept that 3rd party applications need to ensure consumers, or their authorized representatives, provide informed and proactive consent for how their health data is used.

Medfusion is proud to be part of the CARIN Alliance and we believe strongly in the importance of secure, patient-driven data sharing.

“Medfusion supports the guiding principles of the CARIN code of conduct and believes that consumers should be empowered to make informed choices. As we connect hundreds of thousands of users to their data each week, we appreciate the involvement of all organizations similarly focused on this effort. Our network of health systems and providers allow patients to retrieve, aggregate, and share their health records as they see fit in a trusted environment across any device which helps make better and more informed patients and physicians,” commented Ryan Magnes, EVP Growth and Innovation at Medfusion.

Medfusion is a pioneer in patient data interoperability and patients retrieve data from more than 53,000 providers and health systems and across 55 major EMR systems on a daily basis. Medfusion APIs enable patients to share medical data with caregivers, 3rd party workflows such as insurance underwriting or clinical trials, wellness apps and more. Our APIs also allow health systems and concierge medicine providers to access a longitudinal view of patient health, helping to reduce the cost of care delivery, facilitate more informed care, and enable the highest possible care quality for positive clinical outcomes.

For more information about Medfusion APIs, or how you can incorporate patient-authorized health data into your workflows, read more here or contact us.