With 16 million patients on the Medfusion platform, you may be tempted to think that only the tech-savvy use patient portals and patient self-scheduling. Think again…

Health Information Technology works for everyone— millennials to retirees. Whether fresh out of college, about to start a dream job or closing in on retirement, everyone needs to schedule a yearly physical, occasionally needs to ask their physician a question or needs to view lab results.

Everybody is busy, so medical practices need to make every office task as easy as possible for their patients. It makes you wonder — why doesn’t every doctor’s website offer the ability to schedule an appointment or pay a bill? Patient Self-Scheduling and Patient Payments are no longer nice-to-have, they are table stakes. What about filling out medical forms prior to appointment time? Let’s be honest, does anyone– patient or office staff– want to deal with paper forms anymore?

No matter their age, people are still filling out their pre-visit paperwork using paper forms or in waiting rooms. Really?! No one has time for that. Practices need to be progressive, hip, in-the-know. Get with it— Patient Experience Platforms, which provide patients everything they need to do before, during and after an appointment, are the way to go.

Be mobile-friendly–for all patient-oriented tasks

Medfusion Patient PortalsWhat do people never leave home without? Their cell phone, right? They want to be able to pull up their doctor’s website and click on the patient portal icon— then our world of opportunity opens. Of course, the forms are legible on your patient’s cell— they’re mobile optimized. Every form you choose to put on their patient portal, can be viewed on a cell phone- anytime, anywhere. A patient can book an appointment, pay a bill, fill out paperwork, all before they get to the waiting room. After all, why have your patients or your staff shuffle papers around the reception area? Bonus— less paper is more environmentally friendly. Now your patients can play games on their phone while they wait, and your staff can attend to more important tasks to keep your practice running efficiently. Speaking of efficient, once your patient is called to the exam room, all their forms are in the doctor’s system and the staff has already reviewed them, so all the physician needs to do is focus on the patient!

Everybody is happy

Your patients, young & old, have a lot going on in their lives! They want to save time filling out forms or paying a co-pay before they get to their appointment. Now they can be ready ahead of time, even on the go. On the train, on the way to work, on the couch during commercials, even on their lunch break— make it easy for your patients to book an appointment, fill out those forms or pay a bill on their phone. Your patients will be much happier and so will your staff. Your staff can focus on their other task to help keep your practice running efficiently and effectively. Bonus, they can get their test results and messages on their phone, as well.

Who knew?

Patient Portals, the foundation of our platform (which serves 16 million patients), have been around for a while, maybe even longer than cell phones. But the whole platform of patient solutions- that’s newer. Everyone should know that they can schedule an appointment, fill out their physician’s paperwork, or pay a bill online. Sadly, they don’t, and neither do some physician’s practices! Well, now you do. So, don’t waste any more of your or your patients’ precious time. Medfusion’s Patient Experience Platform can bring your practice into the modern times. After all, 16 million patients can’t be wrong!