We’re excited to announce that we added our 13 millionth activated portal patient this week! We’ve come a long way since that first patient, and are proud of how far health IT has come during that time. And, as a leading patient portal vendor, we’ve added a full complement of patient-friendly, practice-focused solutions to improve the patient experience.

patient portal vendors, patient portal sofwareThe company is now closing in on creating a seamless online experience for patients. It starts with scheduling the appointment and continues through all interactions with the doctor’s office, from getting prescriptions renewed to paying bills.  Everything can be done from a mobile phone at any time of day or night. It’s the kind of experience we have all come to expect for travel, shopping and even managing our finances, but has been slow to develop in healthcare.

We’re incredibly grateful to our thousands of customers for making this journey with us. Together we are digitally catapulting healthcare into the 21st century, which, as nearly every other industry has discovered, saves millions of dollars while delighting users with newfound convenience and control. And as of today, we’re thrilled to have 13 million users to help delight!