Medfusion is proud of our deep integration with Centricity PM/EMR to deliver best-in-class Patient Experience solutions. As a founding member of the Centricity Partner Program we are committed to continued innovation supporting practices and healthcare organizations using Centricity solutions. Medfusion solutions are CMS certified and fully MU/MIPS/MACRA compliant.

Our decade-plus long relationship with Centricity means our solutions enable practice staff to stay within the Centricity PM/EMR they use for day-to-day tasks, without having to jump out to other applications. It also means fewer clicks for staff, empowered patients, reduced inbound phone calls and simpler practice administration.


Medfusion offers the following integrated solutions for healthcare organizations on Centricity PM/EMR:

Patient Self-Scheduling

Put patients to work for you–while keeping control of your schedule!

Practice-determined appointment types are placed directly in Centricity PM, per practice rules—preventing double booking, reducing phone calls and filling schedule gaps. Patients can book appointments from within the portal or directly from the practice website. Appointment reminders can be sent via email and/or text message.

Patient Experience Portal

Patient-friendly and Staff-Friendly solutions to improve communication and Workflows

The most robust and easy-to-use portal Centricity practices can use: Tokenless, integrated forms, streamlined workflows to route inbound inquires to the right staff member, mobile-friendly, and much more!

Comprehensive Patient Payments

Make it easy for Patients to Pay and for staff to reconcile across all payment platforms

Make it easy for patients to pay their bills online, in-office or over the phone. And our powerful Reconciliation Dashboard means all payments and key patient information are centralized for easy reconciliation and reporting.

Medfusion Measure Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Take action based on Reputation Management, Patient satisfaction, and other surveys

Stay ahead of patient concerns and help manage your reputation with surveys triggered by the check-out process in Centricity—no extra staff work needed!

Transition of Care/P2P Secure Messaging

Coordinate Referrals While Meeting Regulatory Measures and Simplifying workflows

Referral orders/Transition of Care documents meeting MU even specifications can be easily created to share clinical data with other providers using secure messaging.

Medfusion’s white-glove implementation experts do all the heavy lifting to configure and deploy your solutions—allowing practice staff to stay focused on patient care.

Centricty EMR-based practices that use a different Practice Management system can also benefit from many of the solutions listed above. Contact a sales representative to discuss your specific configuration and how we can help!

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