Healthcare’s Interoperability Capstone – The Cures Act

The signing of the Cures Act in December marked a great day for moving closer to solving healthcare’s interoperability problem.  This legislation garnered something all too rare these days – bi-partisan support from both the House and Senate. The Cures Act is a bill that will benefit the healthcare of all Americans and provide better access to patient data. We are particularly excited about the healthcare interoperability mandate regarding the exchange of patient health information. More >

Three Things You Should Know About Patient Self-Scheduling

A patient’s satisfaction is no longer based solely on his or her experience during an appointment; it includes all interactions prior to, during, and after an encounter.  Patient self-scheduling is the latest solution that patients are looking for, and it can help boast revenue for your practice as well! The longitudinal experience your practice creates for a patient is a direct indicator of the likelihood a patient will become a long-term member of your practice, prioritize the payment of their bills to you, and refer additional patients to your practice.

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Top Things You May Not Know About the Medfusion Patient Portal

Are you truly getting the most out of your portal? Could there be features and functionality you may not realize you aren’t using?

As a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) here at Medfusion, I work directly with our customers to ensure they are maximizing their utilization with their Medfusion products. Oftentimes, practices inquire about features and functionality that would be useful to them, but they don’t realize they actually already have what it is they are looking for.

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